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Institutional Research and Development Center

Job title




Assistant Professor and Chief

Yueh-Chun Shin


1.Comprehensive management the general affairs of IRD (institutional research and development) center.
2.Plan and conduct the program of whole department of institutional research and development.
3.Conduct institutional development and planning committee related work.
4.Deal with related work of the planning book of middle and long term development.
5.Contact all units to conduct annual focus work that act in concert with the needs of institutional research and development.
6.Assist other temporarily tasks.

Post-Doctoral Fellow



1.Gather materials relevant to Institutional Research (IR) issues.

2.Apply ICT to develop IR analytical models.

3.Data visualization and information dashboard design.

4.Questionnaire design、test construction and analysis.

5.Write major research program and report.

6.Attend IR conference.

7.Conduct IR program.

8.Assist other temporarily tasks.

Technician Assistant



1.Build and manage IR database.

2.Data extraction and statistics for IR.

3.Provide assistance for data visualization and information dashboard design.

4.Provide assistance to develop and maintain the IR system of NKUHT.

5.Conduct IR program.

6.Assist other temporarily tasks

Administrative Assistant

Tzu-Chun Lin



1. Assist and handle all administrative and administrative tasks of the Center.

2. Appraisal related business.

3. Handle related business of medium and long-range development plan.

4. Assist in the design and production of IR questionnaires.

5. Assist in the compilation of IR school affairs public information.

6. Assist IR database related matters.

7. Sign and file official documents of the School Research and Development Center.

8. Assist other temporarily tasks.