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Council Management Evaluation Section

Job title





Shun-Ling Huang



1. Comprehensive management the tasks of conference service section.
2. Prepare university meeting and execution trace issues.
3. Selection task for representative of University Council.
4. Respond to the Ministry of Education petition about NKUHT.
5. Deal with university funding summons and verification checks of nuclear chapter.
6. Undertake administrative operations of internal control auditing team.
7. Undertake administrative operations of endowment fund auditing.
8. Undertake regular official statistics report of university.
9. Pay an annual membership fee of every educational organization.
10. Deal with internal and external documents of NKUHT.
11. Assist other temporarily tasks.

Legal Administrative Assistant

Hui-Yuan Chen



1. Responsible for the minutes of the executive meeting.

2. Assist in legal consultation, regulation or contract review and provide specific recommendations, etc. Legal affairs.

3. To host the school's gender equality education integration and resource integration window.

4. Examination and management of the budget and plans of the Gender Education Commission.

5. Reception and application for campus peace incident window.

6. In charge of the affairs of the Gender Equality Education Committee (member selection, conference call (Open, write off, track the implementation of the assessment, and urge the results to be consolidated).

7. Unify the website management of the Gender Education Commission.

8. Undertake the administrative business of the internal control group (annual work plan preparation and small Convening of group meetings and matters related to management and examination resolution).

9. National Compensation Incident Business.

10. Assist other temporarily tasks.

※Note:Translation from Google