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Council Management Evaluation Section


In order to implement the effective operation of the organization and promote the good operation of NKUHT, reasonably ensure that the goals are achieved.


 1、Prepare for and conduct university affairs meeting and Executive meeting.

 2、Deal with internal control group administrative business.

 3、Deal with administrative business and execution tracking of  the internal control group.

 4、Deal with administrative business and execution tracking of the conduct university fund.

 5、Review and seal of NKUHT fund write-off summons and check.

 6、Acceptance of minister's mailbox case and report to ministry of education.

 7、Accept event of state compensation、gender equity event contact person 、handl and related services.

 8、Assist legal advice、Regulatory or contractual review and provide specific advice and other legal affairs.

 9、Report regular statistical reports of colleges and universities.

 10、NKUHT joining educational organizations contact person.