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>>1st term

Name:Kuei-Rung Lee

Tenure of Office:1992.08.01~1996.07.31

>>2nd term


Name:Jimmy C. Yung

Tenure of Office:2000.08.01~2001.07.31

>>3rd term


Name:Pai-Shih Yang

Tenure of Office:2001.08.01~2004.08.31

>>4th term


Name:Chiang-Tung Pan

Tenure of Office:2004.08.31~2007.07.31

>>5th term


Name:Chun-Ying Lin

Tenure of Office:2007.08.01~2010.07.31

>>6th term


Name:Jui-Chi Shen 

Tenure of Office:2010.08.01~2016.03.31

>>7th term


Name:Ming-Kuei Shih

Tenure of Office:2016.04.01~2020.03.31

>>8th term


Name:Te-Ping Kuo

Tenure of Office:2020.04.01~2021.07.31

>>9th term

Name:Wei-Chun Liu

Tenure of Office:2021.08.01~2023.07.31

>>10th term

Name:Ching-Cheng Shen

Tenure of Office:2023.08.01 so far