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Job title




Associate Professor and Secretary General

Ching-Cheng Shen



1. Comprehensively manage and monitor all business in the secretary’s office .
2. Verify official documents signed by each department.
3. Communicate with other departments and coordinate business among them .
4. Follow up and evaluate the items and matters listed into management.
5. Receive honored guests who pay visits to the secretary’s office.
6. Serve as press spokesman.

7. Assist other temporarily tasks.

Technical Worker

Tzu-Ying Wu



1. Arrange, contact and login the present schedule.

2. Use the expenditures of the president’s office, cancel after verification and control such expenditure.

3. Print present letters.

4. Receive guests and honored guests who pay visits to the president’s office.

5. Train student management, settle and report applications filed by training students.

6. Assist other temporarily tasks.

Administrative Assistant

Wang-Ting Tsai



1. In charge of institutional data fill task and related meeting.

2. Manage documents sending and receiving task of secretariat.

3. Prepare assistant meetings, execute and trace issues.

4. Prepare secretariat meetings, execute and trace issues.

5. Arrange、contact and login secretary general’s schedule.

6. Maintain and update the secretariat Office’s website.

7. Verify and confirm the operating expense budget of the secretariat office.

8. Review the certificate specification (include appreciation, participation, honor, merit).

9. Update and maintain information of teacher evaluation system.

10. Assist other temporarily tasks.

Administrative Assistant

Po-Jen Tsai



1. Assist the business of the investment management group.

2. Assist other temporarily tasks.