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Public relation section of NKUHT is a bridge for external communication, serving as the window of media public relations and public affairs, promoting our major policies, school-running characteristics and related information, facilitating and maintaining good interaction with the hospitality educators, and keeping and enhancing the professional hospitality academic brand image of the school.


 1、Welcome and host NKUHT VIPs (Including visits、banquet coordination、gifts、event records and vehicle arrangements).

 2、Operate, update and maintain NKUHT media platform.

 3、Media reception and external news release.

 4、Compilation NKUHT events、issued NKUHT times and NKUHT E-newspaper.

 5、Support crisis event handling.

 6、NKUHT brand marketing.

 7、Support major celebrations of the school (e.g. anniversary & games, commencement ceremony, confucian-style opening ceremony for the new semester).

 8、Parents' friendship activity.