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Job title




Section Chief

Martin Cheng



1. Be in charge of various affairs in the public relations department
2. Draft and reply to the letter of the president and the invitation letter
3. Draft news on and off campus
4. Prepare press meetings and handle media and public relationships
5. Receive honored guests who pay visits to NKUHT
6. Invite honored guests to important activities and arrange dinner parties
7.Assist other temporarily tasks

Project Manager





1. National, domestic and foreign activities related publicity business execution.

2. Preparation and reply of the principal's letter and invitation letter.

3. VIP visit reception and media and public relations management.

4. Writing and editing of news interviews, publishing window and news editing and management.

5. Create, operate and integrate marketing and various social networking platforms.

6. Establish and Marketing Graduate News Zone.

7. School brand marketing business such as student learning results, R & D, academic results, etc.

8. Interview planning for campus characters, outstanding alumni, and successful entrepreneurs.

9. Establishment and training management of campus reporters.

10. Support handling crisis events.

11. Support for important events in the school and other temporary assignments.

Administrative Assistant




1. VIP reception and contact work on campus events (including follow-up related matters).

2. The school's newsletter and school journal editing and publishing related tasks.

3. Secretary's Office Public Relations Group Web Information Management-News Highlights, School Journals, Compilation Minutes, Public Relations.

4. Maintenance and update of the webpage of the principal's office (from the principal).

5. The school presents guest inventory and souvenirs, inventory management, application and distribution management.

6. Guests visit shooting, photo album and gift.

7. Assignment (visit) assignments for teacher evaluation system.

8. Receiving and processing of public documents.

9. Assist the execution of news media related business.

10. Support for school activities and other temporary assignments.

Administrative Assistant

Li-Lin Yao



1. Campus information kanban announcement and official website homepage information maintenance management and update-Banner editor, film, focus news.

2.News interview writing, publishing window and news editing and maintenance.

3.School events and banquet arrangements and contact work.

4. Relevant matters for campus video introduction.

5. Update and maintenance management of the school's social media information.

6. Responsible for VIP invitation reception and dinner arrangement.

7. Teacher assessment system to complete (banquet) assignments.

8. Preparations for Parents' Associations, etc.

9. Assist in the execution of banquet and visit related business.

10. Support for school activities and other temporary assignments.